(VIDEO)Katt Williams Teams Up with 50 Cent to Alert Black Actresses About Oprah’s Influence.

In the latest twist of celebrity revelations, comedian Katt Williams has teamed up with rapper 50 Cent to expose media mogul Oprah Winfrey for her alleged underpayment and mistreatment of black actors in Hollywood.

This explosive revelation comes hot on the heels of Taraji P. Henson’s claims that she was underpaid for her role in The Color Purple, a filucm co-proded by Oprah.


The controversy surrounding Oprah intensified as Katt Williams and 50 Cent took center stage to shed light on what they believe to be the darker side of Oprah’s influence in the entertainment industry.

Williams, known for his candid commentary, did not hold back during a recent interview, where he accused Oprah and Tyler Perry of mistreating black actors.

The allegations against Oprah gained momentum in 2023 when Taraji P. Henson spoke out about the systemic underpayment of black actors, a sentiment later echoed by other black artists. Henson, who claimed to have been blacklisted after her revelations, found an unexpected ally in 50 Cent, who publicly supported her and denounced Oprah for allegedly exploiting black artists to maintain her position of power.

The longstanding feud between 50 Cent and Oprah dates back to the early days of 50 Cent’s music career when Oprah criticized his lyrics as misogynistic and accused him of glorifying gun violence. Since then, the two have been at odds, with 50 Cent now seizing the opportunity to stand against Oprah’s alleged injustices.

Katt Williams, the latest addition to the anti-Oprah coalition, recently appeared on Club Shay Shay, where he spoke candidly about the mistreatment of black actors in Hollywood. Williams did not mince words, calling out Oprah and Tyler Perry for their roles in what he perceives as the exploitation of black talent.


50 Cent’s vocal support for Taraji P. Henson comes as no surprise, given his track record of standing against perceived injustices in the entertainment industry. The rapper has been a vocal critic of Oprah and her practices, particularly after her involvement in the blackballing of actress Mo’Nique, who claimed she was underpaid for a movie produced by Oprah.

As the controversy unfolds, the entertainment industry is left to grapple with the implications of these serious allegations against one of its most influential figures. With 50 Cent, Katt Williams, and other black artists joining forces to expose Oprah, the conversation around fair compensation and treatment of black talent in Hollywood is gaining momentum. Only time will tell if these revelations will lead to significant changes within the industry or if they will remain as contentious points in the ongoing battle for equality in entertainment.

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