(VIDEO)Janet Jackson Revealed The SHOCKING TRUTH About Michael Jackson After 15 Yrs Of Silence

Michael Jackson’s life was marked by relentless media scrutiny, inundated with allegations and rumors about his personal affairs. His passing deeply affected many, especially his sister Janet Jackson, with whom he shared a profound bond. Michael’s d3ath inflicted immense pain on Janet, intensifying her need to uncover the truth.

Now, 15 years later, Janet Jackson has decided to unveil startling revelations about her brother’s life. Join us as we delve into Janet Jackson’s insights, exploring the shocking truths that lie beneath the surface.

Janet Jackson Claims Michael Jackson Would Call Her 'Pig' and 'Cow' | Us  Weekly

A Musical Destiny and Strict Upbringing

Michael Jackson often spoke of music as his family’s destiny. Growing up in  Gary, Indiana, the Jackson family’s musical journey began early, with their father Joe Jackson recognizing and nurturing his children’s talents. Joe was known for his strict discipline, enforcing lengthy and rigorous rehearsals to ensure his children’s performances were polished.

However, this approach later became a source of regret for Michael, who lamented the loss of his childhood and the pressures of growing up too quickly in an adult world.

Family Dynamics and Strained Relationships

The Jackson siblings shared complex relationships with their father and each other. Janet Jackson revealed that Michael used to fat-shame her, calling her names like “pig” and “cow,” which hurt her deeply despite their laughter.

Their relationship shifted significantly after Michael achieved superstardom with the release of Thriller in 1982. Janet recalled how they started to drift apart, especially during their collaboration on the song “Scream” in 1995. The distance during the music video shoot highlighted the growing divide between them, a painful reminder that the bond they once shared was changing.

Coping with Loss and Seeking Answers
Michael Jackson’s d3ath in June 2009, due to cardiac arrest induced by an overdose of the anesthetic propofol, left Janet grappling with her grief. Initially suppressing her emotions, she has now begun to confront her brother’s d3ath, acknowledging the need to process her feelings for her own well-being. Janet admitted that she thinks about Michael every day, pushing herself to move on while recognizing the difficulty of this process.

The Mystery and Conspiracy Surrounding Michael’s D3ath

Michael Jackson’s d3ath remains shrouded in mystery. He had reportedly requested propofol to aid his sleep for at least a decade before his d3ath. Testimonies from medical professionals revealed his desperation for sleep, despite warnings about the drug’s dangers.

Janet Jackson and other family members have expressed suspicions that Michael’s d3ath was not accidental but rather a premeditated act. Paris Jackson, Michael’s daughter, echoed these sentiments, suggesting that his d3ath was a setup. These claims, while controversial, reflect the ongoing quest for answers and justice within the Jackson family.

Janet Jackson’s revelations offer a deeper understanding of the complex and often painful dynamics within the Jackson family, shedding light on the pressures, challenges, and mysteries that shaped their lives.VIDEO:

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