(VIDEO)50 Cent EXPOSES Oprah & Steve Harvey’s SECRET PLOT Against Taraji P Henson!

50 Cent EXPOSES Oprah & Steve Harvey’s SECRET PLOT Against Taraji P Henson!



Is Hollywood’s beloved Oprah Winfrey secretly wielding her power to silence critics? In an industry where the glitter of fame often masks the struggles of those who dare to speak out, a new controversy has emerged, casting long shadows over the glamorous facades of Hollywood’s elite!

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Steve has become somewhat of a relationship expert, often dishing out his wisdom online and in interviews.

Kirkland believes that a divorce could make for the entertainer’s undoing.



“They look at him as he knows what he’s talking about, and I think it would hurt him. I really do. And I think Steve is smooth. I think that he’ll hold on to the young lady. I don’t know why she want to venture out now, you know,” said the “Strays” actor.

Fans shared bold reactions to Kirkland’s remarks. “Steve is a simp and won’t be divorcing Marjorie anytime soon. She has him wrapped around her fingers. He’s just happy to be with her,” wrote one person.

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