Kenny Smith Is Killin’ It After Being Spotted On Another Cheeky Beach Date With Model Aline Bernades (PICS)

Kenny Smith Goes On Another Miami Beach Date With Aline Bernardes

Kenny Smith was back chilling on a Miami beach with Aline Bernades this week after getting spotted with the model last month.



Smith, a former NBA guard who now co-hosts TNT’s popular Inside The NBA alongside Shaquille O’Neal, Ernie Johnson, and Charles Barkley, was the butt of jokes among his colleagues the first time he was spied with the stunning female. However, that has hardly slowed him down and, now that the NBA season is over, the 58-year-old was at it again this Thursday.


The pair seem to be pretty fond of each other and had some fun in the water as they got a bit more daring with their public displays of affection. While things were kept PG the first time around, Aline was seen wrapping her arms around Smith’s neck as they waded into the ocean.

They didn’t seem to care that they were being photographed and looked cheerful enough in all of the snaps, the rest of which you could check out here.

It will be a while before The Jet will join his Inside The NBA pals but they will likely keep some quips in the drafts for him.


We’re pretty sure they’re already going off in their group chat but the gang’s probably waiting to roast him on television again.



Aaron Gordon Reveals Secret Behind His Dunking Success: “These Guys Are So Good”

Aaron Gordon explains why he is good at dunkingAaron Gordon (Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)
The Denver Nuggets have emerged as a legitimate contender in the NBA. Much of their success hinges on the multifaceted play of Nikola Jokic, the reigning MVP. But surrounding Jokic are a cast of talented scorers, each with their own unique role within the team’s offensive system. One such player is Aaron Gordon, whose recent success highlights the adaptability required to thrive alongside superstars.

Gordon’s athleticism and finishing ability have always been evident, but his mastery of a specific role—the dunker spot—has led to his recent rise in Denver. This seemingly simple area on the court, just below the free-throw line, has become a launchpad for Gordon’s offensive production.

In a recent interview, Gordon shed light on the strategic brilliance behind his dunker spot dominance: “These guys are so good that I’m playing with… they demand so much attention on the offensive side… then I’m just lurking on the baseline.” This statement perfectly encapsulates Gordon’s current effectiveness.

Jokic and Jamal Murray are unstoppable forces on the offensive end, commanding the full attention of opposing defenses. Gordon is then free to make backdoor cutbacks, alley-oop finishes, and putbacks with ease. Gordon’s execution of “playing within the system,” a concept often discussed but rarely executed with such precision, is a prime demonstration.

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