Everyone Was Saying THE SAME THING About The Jaw-Dropping Hockey Fan At Devils-Rangers Game (PICS)

Everyone Was Saying The Same Thing About The Jaw-Dropping Hockey Fan At Devils-Rangers Game (PICS)


Social media surely has its ways of making unknown people very well known just by a glimpse of them being shown on TV or from pictures at an event.

We have arrived at that moment once again.

Last week, a New Jersey Devils and New York Rangers game descended into complete chaos when a Devils fan and a Rangers fan brawled during New York’s 5-1 road win. Video showed a Devils fan starting the skirmish with a headbutt that resulted in punches being thrown.

It went viral.

However, that quickly became a footnote to what else fans noticed on this night.

A young lady was spotted in the crowd wearing a New Jersey Devils’ Jack Hughes jersey and she pretty much stole the entire show.

Nobody cared about her jersey, but the hip-hugging jeans she had on could not hide how big her booty was. She also made sure it was seen as well.

Fans took to social media and reacted:

As far the game, New York Rangers rookie Matt Rempe got ejected after just 10 seconds of ice time due to a hit to the head. That was about the only thing that went wrong for the Rangers.

Between the lopsided loss, fan fight, and big booty fan, it was quite the day for anybody associated with the Devils.

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